23 Weird But True IITian Facts!

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You thought being in IIT was easy? Here is the Tale of an IITIAN’S life, from a Fellow IITIAN!

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1. “ MESS”! the Mundane Eating Selfs Services.
A screwed up place offering ‘ More water, Less dal’ where you will always hear someone or the other saying “Bhai, aaj bhi khaana hagga bana hai”.[/caption]

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2. A big illusion to iitians that “IIT DISCOUNT” is applicable all over India.[/caption]

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3. ‘First Day First Show’ , bhai koi naya startup hai kya? All thanks to TORENTZ.[/caption]

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4. The Election Time : Budding Politicians signing “Meena-Haddu” , “Bihari-Bengali” pacts and what not . Even the politiacians at the centre lag behind in such planning!!!!![/caption][caption id=”attachment_3694" align=”aligncenter” width=”300"]

5. Ever wondered ‘GEHRI ROUTE’ on a bicycle. Well you definitely don’t need a bullet, a modified jeep, a Suv or a Sedan to take ten rounds in the vicinity of the girl’s hostel.[/caption]

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6.BIRTHDAY : The Official Kick In The Bumps Competition (GPL). From your dearest friend to the strangest enemy , no respite at all. Free facials with most funking cakes is a birthday gift you can’t refuse.[/caption]

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7. A visit to market near the campus with a girl would make you a ‘star’ in a day itself. “Kuch Toh Locha Hai” , “Launda Macha Raha Hai” are few one liners one gets bestowed upon.[/caption]

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8. Every other guy would definitely fit himself in atleast one of the three categories : an entrepreneur, a guitarist or a photograph.[/caption]

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9. There is always a guy with RST (Raman Standard Time) of 10:00pm when other students actually kick start their day.[/caption]

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10. “MATKAS”(Mtech Students) are a subject of mockery for the undergrads because of them being puppets in the hands of professors and of course the generation gap further supports it !!!![/caption]

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11. Girls at IIT’s are like Princess Dolls, thanks to the skewed gender ratio with not more than 10% of student population at any of the campuses being a female. They have all the freedom in the world to have a tutorial boy, stand in the line boy and yes definitely a ‘Bhaizoned’ boy.[/caption]

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12. The bespectacled studious girls often termed as Non-males by the Himbos , soon realize their importance in these campuses of desperate dudes and come up like a rising flame and bowl over the male counterparts with their touched up faces.[/caption]

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13. ‘CHAPO’ : the ever welcomed word for the juniors but a perilous situation for the seniors where a wallet with no money is the best escape route if Facche (first yearites) in site.[/caption]

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14. Well there will always be a ‘Sutari’ or a ‘Darubazz’ in every ten boys who would beat around the bush and live in their own dream world.[/caption]

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15. “DC” : The Official Download Hub for movies, T.V series, porn and what not !![/caption]

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16. CULTURAL FEST is like “Grab Or Gone offer” for the craving IIT boys. With beautiful and coveted girls from other colleges in the campus, the average iitian girls seem to be on the losing half of the battle. The whole college is like filled with a ‘ Love at First Sight’ atmosphere.[/caption]

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17. With high speed LAN on offer, thanks to the 40–50 Mbps leased line, multiplayer games like FIFA, COUNTERSTRIKE and many more remain the priority of the guys, this time even their relationship can wait!![/caption]

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18. T-Shirts with Iitian Tags seem to be the only weapon left for the guys to expect a girl to get impressed and come their way. Too silly!! but true.[/caption]

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19. Interiit sports competition is overhyped with its comparison to the national level. The reality comes in front when its just a cake walk for local colleges in practice matches against IIT’s.[/caption]

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20. The Professors, how can one forget them. With Sexagenarians generally forming the bulk of the teaching staff, one is sure to have some amusing incidents each day. Their dictatorship is such that even the ‘Bowh-Bowh’ of the dog or the ‘Mewh-Mewh’ of the dog set according to them!![/caption]

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21. The ‘Playboy’. He definitely has some great inborn talent which separates him from the rest. With girls already in scarcity! , he is the one every boy envies from his heart.[/caption]

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22. Punjabis as usual have a bad reputation of being in their own ego. With twirling moustaches, branded clothes and least interest in academics ; they are generally not in the list of geek-seeking girls.[/caption]

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23. The ‘Gay Hostel’ : the exclusive hostel of the Mtech and Phd scholars generally gets this big tag which in itself is a creepy mystery.[/caption]

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