7 Unsolved Crazy Murder Cases That Will Give You The Chills

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Criminologists believe a perfect crime to be one which goes undetected not because of the incompetence on the part of the authorities but because of the sheer brilliance of the perpetrator. If you believe yourself to be the next Sherlock Holmes or Hercules Poirot, then here’s a list of 7 unsolved crazy murder cases for you to use your deduction skills on:

1.Snehal Gaware Murder Case — Unsolved Crazy Murder Cases

Snehal a resident of Mumbai was a final year engineering student. On the date of 20th July 2007 she was alone at home recovering from a leg injury, when some of her friends including the perpetrator had visited her. In the evening when her mother came home she could not find Snehal anywhere. Her parents filed a missing person’s report.

The next day Snehal’s mother discovered her dead body in the drawer under her bed, the mouth was gagged and the hands and legs were tied. It was found that Snehal’s cell phone was missing since the murder. The residents who lived in the same building as Snehal reported that no suspicious person was seen anywhere near her place.

The police tracked the cell phone to a mobile dealer who told them he had bought it from a young man, though he was not able to describe him.

In 2010 the police arrested Snehal ‘s boyfriend Hiten Rathod on strong suspicion that he was the one who killed her, stole the phone and destroyed the SIM card but they later had to let him go as there was no evidence against him.

To date there has been no clue as to who murdered Snehal. One of the unsolved, crazy murder cases.

2.Mystery of the Somerton Man — Unsolved Crazy Murder Cases

On December 1st 1948, a dead body was found in Somerton beach which is in Australia. A scrap of paper was found in the dead man’s body which read “Tamam Shud” which means ‘finished’ or ‘ended’ in Persian but this not where the strangeness of the case ends, this is the point from which it becomes even more bizarre.

When the police checked through the records to know the identity of the man, they could not find even a single proof of his existence, he did not have any wallet on him and his teeth did not match the dental records of any living person.

Later the police found the book from which the scrap of paper had been torn in the back seat of a cab. Many believed that this would help solve the murder but it only complicated it further since the book was full of unbreakable codes. This case is even now considered as one of the most bizarre murder mystery of all times in Australia.

3.The Boy In The Box — Unsolved Crazy Murder Cases

A boy of around 4–6 years old was found buried in box wrapped in plaid blanket in Philadelphia. The boy’s hair had been freshly cut in hurried manner and clumps of hair was found sticking on his body. His face and body also had several bruises. The police had no information regarding his identity and this case is still open. Shortly after the discovery of the body two theories came up:

  1. That he was from the foster which seemed to be only half a kilometre away from the place where he was buried.It also was theorized that he was the child of the step daughter of the foster owner who had killed him to hide the fact that she was an unwed mother. No evidence was found to substantiate this theory.
  2. A woman named ‘M’ testified that her mother had bought the boy from his birth parents and that she physically and sexually abused the boy for 2 years before killing him. ‘M’ said that her mother had given the boy a haircut and had then buried him in a box.
  3. At the time when ‘M’ and her mother were burying the boy a man who was passing by had asked if they needed any help. While this seemed a plausible theory it could not be considered as ‘M’ was mentally ill and her neighbours denied the fact that there was any boy living in her house.

The boy was reburied with a headstone that read “America’s Unknown Child”.

4. Jack the Stripper — Unsolved Crazy Murder Cases

Everyone must have heard of the infamous un identified serial killer Jack the Ripper, who had created a reign of terror in UK with his brutal manner of killing. Well, Jack the Stripper is the name given to another unidentified serial killer with the same victimology as Jack the Ripper, except that his victims are nude .

He killed 7–8 prostitutes whose bodies were discovered around London or dumped in the Thames river. Like Jack the Ripper he too stopped killing as suddenly as he had started. Even though there were many speculations, the killer was never identified. These cases were also known as the Hammersmith cases.

5.The Atlas Vampire Case — Unsolved Crazy Murder Cases

On May 4, 1932, a 32 year old prostitute was found dead in her apartment in the Atlas area of Stockholm. Now the killing of prostitutes was common at that time but what made this case stand out was the fact that victim had been drained out of all her blood.

A gravy ladle was found at the crime scene and no blood was found anywhere at the crime scene, from the looks of it, it seemed that the killer had used the ladle to drink the victim’s blood. A blunt force trauma was found on the victim’s head and she had died 48 hours after the infliction of the wound.

Due to the modus operandi of the unidentified killer he was called the Atlas Vampire.

6.Black Dahlia case — Unsolved Crazy Murder Cases

Elizabeth Short, the victim who was found dead on the morning of January 15th 1947. Her nude body was cut into half around the waist and thrown in Leimert Park, L.A. , California. A local resident who discovered the body thought it was a discarded mannequin at first but upon realising that it was corpse she informed the police.

Short’s body was badly mutilated and fully drained of blood, her mouth was cut around the corner to create an effect called the Glasgow smile. This case is a perfect example of Press gone wild. They manipulated the victim’s mother to get personal information and in fact it was the media people who had come up with the nickname Black Dahlia for the victim.

Due to the limelight that this case was receiving almost 50 people confessed to have committed the crime which upon investigation turned out to be a complete fluke. Short’s murder is one of the oldest unsolved case in the history of L.A.

7.JonBenet Patricia Ramsey — Unsolved Crazy Murder Cases

A 6 year old beauty pageant winner JonBenet was found dead in her house in Colorado in 1996. Her body was found in the basement of her house in a police search , 8 hours after she had been reported missing. She had been stuck on the head and strangulated, while there were no signs of a conventional rape, sexual assault cannot be ruled out.

Just after Ramsey’s disappearance her mother had found a ransom note on their table after which she called the police who did not find any signs of a break in. The police suspected Ramsey’s parents and her brother. This case is similar to the Aarushi murder case where her parents too were suspected of killing their daughter but unlike in that case wherein the parents were convicted based on circumstantial evidence, in this case the parent were acquitted as their DNA did not match the one found on their daughter’s clothes.

In 2010 this case was again reopened and in 2013 the grand jury declared that they have enough evidence to indict the parents but the District Attorney refused to sign the paper for indictment , giving the impression that the findings of the grand jury was inconclusive.

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