Being Insomniac And Remedies To Get Over It

  1. Arianna Huffington, blogger and commentator
  2. Vincent Van Gogh, painter
  3. Marilyn Monroe, actress
  4. Madonna, singer
  5. Napoleon , Politician, Military Officer
  6. Abraham Lincoln, Statesman, Politician, Lawyer
  7. William Shakespeare , English Poet
  • Difficulty falling asleep, paying attention , focusing on tasks or remembering
  • Interrupted sleep, Light sleep
  • Poor quality of sleep — not refreshed after sleeping
  • Irritability, Depression and Anxiety
  • Drink Tart cherry juice
  • Make your bedroom as bedroom not your study room or entertainment room. Make sure all your gadgets are out of your reach so that it is not the last thing to worry about before you sleep and no the first important thing after you woke up. Replace it with “Your time without anything, anyone.. just you and Peace of mind”
  • Exercise on a regular basis, and you will sleep better
  • Take a warm bath 30 minutes before bedtime. Follow it up with a warm glass of milk or water.
  • Last but not the least , watch your breath or listen to opera. That will bore you to death and helps you to fall asleep :P ;)



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