Dreams and Passion of a Woman

A DREAM — A dream is not what we see with closed eyes rather its what we see with open eyes . Its that what we want to conquer , to achieve in our life .

Recently I happened to see a woman oriented movie in which the lead character was a woman who was seen sacrificing dreams, passions, even her career only for her husband and daughter. In short, she forgot who she was and forgot to live her life. Well then the question that arises in my mind is, is this the reality? Is this what a woman is supposed to do? Doesn’t she have her own dreams?

Of course she does. A woman is known to be God’s most beautiful creation after flowers. Often she is tagged as Devi , mother , angel and many more names. But above all she is a human being who is also made up of bones and blood . She too has her own dreams to achieve.

She may not express it only because many times the family conditions, financial problems, etc cause the deprivation of her dreams. She may forget all her passions for the sake of her family. Actually the truth is the world thinks she is the one who should sacrifice her whole life. But this is not true. Who decides the expiry date of a woman’s dreams? Why have we had only one lady prime minister among the prime ministers of India? It’s only because somewhere a woman’s dreams and right to speak was crushed or tore into pieces.

It’s There all The Time

Not every girl in this country is lucky to get what she aims for in life . It is like our country has got independence years ago but the thinking and mentality of our society is still the same and hasn’t changed. Nobody wants a girl child in their house but everybody expects their wives, sisters and other females of their family to give birth to a boy.

In case a girl is born , the family wants to just marry off her at a tender age to witness her give away all her life by devoting what ever she has, to the particular family. Is this all that she has been sent by god to earth for? No, she deserves some respect. Just try to understand what she wants, she may be trying to say what exactly she is expecting but she can’t, because of the so called society’s manners, discipline and all of its rules and regulations made for women which create obstacles for her.

Even I have had many experiences of people asking me my age and when I reply, they say its time to get married “beta”. But very politely and humbly I reply that I have only one life and have a lot more to achieve other than getting married , settling down and compromising with my dreams. I think only our young generation can mold this thinking of the society. What needs to be done, is to just try and change what they have in mind because today if this condition doesn’t change, then this would go on to affect the tomorrow of the country. It is a bitter fact that our country is in the list of developing countries and not in the list of developed countries. This condition has to change and this will only be possible when the society changes.

My dear women, you are not born to be dominated by others. You have your own dreams to be achieved. You have a long way to go. Give wings to your dreams. You have that right. We are living in a democratic country and it’s not too late to encourage many woman we know, to dream, to achieve, her passion thus promoting each and every women from every corner of our country to do the same. When a girl from each household comes up with her dreams then all the others will get inspired by her and will come forward, thus making India a developed country. So its time to realize that the women of our country are not only people who sacrifice. Their needs, need to be understood and we should help our mothers, sisters and daughters to fulfill their dreams and passions. Let us take the first step toward progress.

Greeshma R Nair

B.E final year student

Source: https://www.icytales.com/dreams-passion-woman/



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