Hajj Stampede: Shocking Indeed!

Here is the death toll by nationalities,

Algeria: 4 dead

Benin: deaths confirmed but number unspecified

Burundi: 1 dead

Cameroon: at least 20 dead

Chad: 11 dead

Egypt: 14 dead

India: 18 dead

Indonesia: 3 dead

Iran: 131 dead

Kenya: 3 dead

Morocco: 87 dead, according to Moroccan media

Netherlands: 1 dead

Niger: at least 19 dead

Nigeria: 3 dead

Pakistan: 11 dead

Senegal: 5 dead

Somalia: 8 dead, according to media reports

Tanzania: 4 dead

Source: AFP

Let’s take a look into the possible reasons for the occurrence of the stampede. Is it really the government’s fault or the peoples’ fault? Let’s take a shallow look in it.

Let’s take a look on what the Grand Mufti had to say about the stampede.



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