Indian Kids: 15 Things Only The Great 90’s Would Know!

If you are a 90’s Indian kids, then you are one of that lucky bunch of people who could enjoy their childhood before technology overpowered. 90’s was such a golden time and this elite generation has so much cool stuff to just brag about.

We are the generation that still had love letters and text messages together. We had to go through the library make projects and Google won’t ogle anything out to help us.

I remember the smell of my fresh Tinkle and Chacha Chaudhary comics and how the evening just meant playing in the park with friends. I see none of these nowadays. This fast paced life of today’s kids make me wonder how beautiful life was back then. Let’s all walk back to the path of 90’s where we had nothing but everything and get all nostalgic.

1) Video Games — Indian kids would know

Unlike the excellent graphics of the present day, we had Brick Games and Mario. Oh! The accomplishment and pride being able to complete all the levels. Later, we also had Mario and Road Race in our computers. We literally had to bribe our siblings to cheer us up or to press the space bar to kick the opponent. Beyond comparison was the feeling of completing the levels.

2) The pain of missing Shaktimaan — Indian kids would know

Sunday-12 noon- Doordarshan.

People who got this line know the pain of missing one episode of everybody’s favourite show. The show had antique villains like Kapala, Dr Jackal and our very much favourite Geeta Vishwas who literally stitched the torn pieces of Shaktimaan once. Well, I loved Gangadhar more though! Not to forget the constant fooling around with friends — pretending to tell them a secret and whispering, “Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan hai.” What epic fun! No netflix subscription can match the joy of Shaktimaan.

3) Magic Pencil- Indian kids would know

This show was also one of the reasons of our own level of fantasies. Owning Sanju’s Magic Pencil from Shaka Laka Boom Boom was the last thing anybody could wish for. admit it! We all wanted the pencil.

I wanted that for chocolates and what not. What were your reasons for having that pencil?


With time, our favourite candies too evolved. But back then, nothing could beat the taste of Kismi Bar, Nutties and Alpenliebe and of course, how can we forget the colourful popsicle pipes . Even, the summers were quite cheap back then. No ACs and CCD, we just had to take a one rupee coin and grab a chuski to quench our summer cravings.

No hole in the pockets and everything was sorted out. And so was the wait for the Gola walas in the evening. No matte lipstick can match the beauty of the color of the lips we had after eating the Golas. Kismi does not taste as amazing as it did in the past.

5) EVERYBODY knows how to use them “together” .

We felt like heroes after setting up the whole reel thing in the casette with the pencil.

Well! Some of us even were disasters as we ruined the reel just so that we could fix it again. Admit it, that was fun!

6) The Camera.

Taking a picture required a lot of effort during those days.

First, there was a struggle to insert the reel rightly into its place. We were highly born with a lot of patience.

Second, unlike the smartphone or the digital cameras where one can delete a bad picture, clicking a blur or unimportant picture meant waste of a film as one reel had just 36 which meant 36 photos.

THERE was no option of delete, no matter how bad it was. Not to forget, the waste of a film was followed by scolding from parents too. Those pictures were much more beautiful than the pictures today and admit it, we smiled genuinely in those pictures than we do today in our high class clear pictures.

Do go through the pictures today and re live your days again.

7) China Ink Pen.

Owning one of these was a matter of sheer pride. Of course the real motive at the back of the mind was, “Make everybody jealous.”

again, some of us were also responsible for ruining our mother’s day by spilling the ink on our white skirts or pants because that was no less than a horror for our mothers to clean that stain again.

8) Cartoon Network.

We have grown up watching sensible cartoons in our favourite channel. From PowerPuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Scooby Doo, Ed Edd and Eddy, ADDAMS Family, Courage the Cowardly Dog to Noddy, Oswald, Bob the Builder, Pingu and Thomas and his Friends, they have taught us the very important lessons in life including the value of friends and family.

They have also warned us that ghosts and evil do exist in people around. Today, the kids watch anything crap in the name of cartoons and this really aches my heart.

Those were the days! Tom and Jerry was the best one. I felt really bad when the last episode of the show aired. I still binge watch it.

9) THIS — Indian kids would know

Enough Said.

Only a 90s kid will know the struggle of pressing the ‘7’ button four times to type a ‘s’ . Also being careful of not dropping it. Not because it could break the phone, but because it could hurt you real bad if it hit. I just loved the phone for the very famous game, Snake Xenzia. Anyway,old is gold. The phone will be always the best of Nokia’s product.

10) One hour playtime — Indian kids would know — Indian kids would know

The best part was going outside after school and playing with our colony friends for an hour or two. It included these games which had different names across the country. Well! Playgrounds seem to be empty now as mobile phones with really stupid apps have taken away the innocence and creativity of the kids. We always had so much to do. Sweaty t-shirts were much better.


Those where the days where 10 p.m. was the maximum limit of staying awake. In the morning too 8 a.m was the latest to get ready for school. Everything would go according to our parents. Homework and playing was was only in our lists. Our only music show was Chitrakaar, News in the morning and night and a few serials in between.

13. ADJUSTING THE ANTENNA — Indian kids would know

A very less appreciated work though, it still makes me feel nostalgic when I watch a match in Hotstar. We literally shouted our lungs out while adjusting the antenna, especially during a cricket match, whenever the signal went out. Though there are no signal interruptions today, this still will be one of the best memories of the 90s.


Ramanand Sagar too deserves a big thank you for enriching our generation with our Vedic values by such beautiful shows like Ramayan. I owe so much to this show for everything that I know about Ramayana and Mahabharata. How the Brahmastra and the war scenes left us awestruck still makes me smile. Those were the real days and no web series can match the level of happiness we had while watching them. Hats off Ramanand Sahab! It is all because of him that we are in touch of our age old epics and culture.

14. EVENINGS AND CUT OFFS — Indian kids would know

The most beautiful part of the 90s was the evening with families. The stories of how our grandparents struggled,families being together,values and most importantly, fanning the elders through the wooden fans during the hot summer evenings were some precious gifts. The electricity cut offs late at nights were reasons families were more united and bonded well than inverters and generators can ever will. I still feel the terrace was more visited and more loved back then. We would count the stars, tell ghost stories and watch out for constellations. Life was fun back then.


R.K Narayan not only ruled our English textbooks but also our television. Our evenings were ruled by two things, a glass of milk and the music of Malgudi Days, Tanana nana! That show was amazingly simple, beautiful yet so deep. I wonder if such beautiful shows will ever be aired or produced again. Our generation is in dire need to learn and watch such shows, which involve love, humanity and unity. What a show that was!

Actually we did have a life in the real world back then. Now, we have the best technologies to do almost everything for us. All we can do is just sit back and thank heavens for having spent the best childhood, one which our future generations will have no connection to and this makes me really sad.

When I look back, I realize how much life was simpler, productive yet beautiful back then. We had real bonds, real food sharing, real bond and socialized so much better back then. It was my lane of the 90’s. Do share your memories if you belong to the elite, highly royal generation of the 90’s below in the comment section.

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