Indian Superstitions: Ridiculous 13 That Exist

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6 min readMay 20, 2020


India is a country with superstitions resting in its heart. India has a superstitious belief for every action, every situation and almost every living thing!

Whether around the world, or just in India, superstitions aren’t something new.

Indian superstitions can sometimes be a lot.Some have their basis in religious beliefs, some in scientific facts and some have no reason at all. No matter what their basis is, superstitions are prevalent in every nook and corner of the nation and are firmly followed. Here is a list of 13 ridiculous superstitions that exist in India.

1. Lemon and chillies — Indian Superstitions

There is one thing that is usually seen in every shop, office or house in India; a lemon and seven chillies hanging in a thread on the doorway of these places. People believe that hanging this on the doorway of their house, shop or office will keep the evil eye away and bring in good luck.

2. The Fearful Days — Indian Superstitions

Indians have inculcated in them fear of certain days. This means on these days you cannot do certain bodily chores i.e. you cannot wash your hair, you cannot cut your hair or nails, cannot wash your clothes and may be some other things. They believe that if a person will do these things on the restricted days, his brother will be harmed. Err…what wrong did the innocent brother do?

3. Menstruating Women should not enter temples

This is one of the most unbelievable beliefs one can have (though mostly followed by Hindus). Menstruating women are impure and thus cannot enter temples. What makes a menstruating woman impure? She’s just bleeding. And the murderers, rapists, thieves who have blood on their hands all are allowed to enter the temples but not a menstruating woman. Wonder how pure these culprits are!

4. Cat crossing your path — Indian Superstitions

Ever seen people changing their whole route when a cat crosses their path? No, they didn’t find a new route; they are trapped by a superstition. This is one of the most common superstition believed by the Indians that when you are going somewhere and a cat crosses your path, it is unlucky for you and you should change your path or let someone else pass and then you should pass. Common people it’s just a cat! How can a cat determine your luck!

5. Sneezing

If you’re going out and someone sneezes, it is believed that it is a sign of bad luck and the task you were going out to perform shall not be fulfilled. People believe in such superstitions knowing that these are superstitions. You don’t have control on your sneezing, do you? It’s a reaction in your body, how will it determine your luck?

6. Sweeping floor in the evening

Sweeping floor in the evening is considered to be a taboo in India. It again has a superstitious belief attached to it; that it brings bad luck if you sweep floor in the evening. The probable reason for preventing us to sweep the floor at night time is if some valuable product gets swept away in the darkness of the night. Well, I think that is what tube lights and bulbs are for!

7. Eye twitching

Eye twitching in one or both eyes is something that almost all of us have experienced. But did you know there is a superstitious belief for this too? It is believed that right eye twitching is good for men; left eye twitching is good for women; eye twitching signifies that somebody is about to arrive; right eye twitching is a bad sign/ left eye twitching is a bad sign and so many more. The superstitions surrounding eye twitching are so many that one might get tired listing them all.

8. Eclipses

Solar eclipses are linked to a lot of superstitions in India. It is believed that pregnant women shall not be allowed to come out during an eclipse as it might render their child to be born with some deformities. On the contrary, some believe that if you bathe in holy water during an eclipse it brings good luck. This means you just can’t decide, whether it is good luck or bad luck? But one thing is sure; it is a superstition!

9. Peepal Tree

This is a superstitious belief related to peepal trees. Peepal trees are believed to be the abode of ghosts and spirits. One must avoid resting under a peepal tree at night in order to avoid these ghosts and spirits. Peepal trees actually emit a lot of carbon dioxide at night. So to prevent people from inhaling large amounts of carbon dioxide, this superstition must have been created.

10. Small spot of kajal — Indian Superstitions

You must have seen every baby in India with a spot of kajal somewhere on his body, usually on the face. It is believed in India that putting a small spot of kajal on a baby prevents him from evil eyes and is good for his health and happiness. Wow! The kajal companies are doing such a virtuous deed!

11. One Rupee — Indian Superstitions

Ever wondered why everytime you gift someone some amount of money on a special occasion it’s always like 151, 101, 251? It’s another superstition. It is believed that the amount of money must always end in 1. It is considered fortunate to add one rupee to the amount you want to present. This one rupee is believed to bring good luck.

12. Broken Mirror/Glass — Indian Superstitions

Don’t keep any broken mirror/glass or broken glass cutlery in house as it is believed to invite quarrels to your house. Quarrels can be with other people, neighbours or even your own family members. Broken glass in the house is believed to bring bad luck.

13. The Number 13 — Indian Superstitions

The fear of number 13 is a very common superstition resting in the hearts of Indians. People prefer not doing any big task, or beginning a new task on the 13th day of a month. Some tall buildings don’t even have a 13th floor, they directly move to 14th after the 12th. It is considered so unlucky that the city Chandigarh doesn’t have a Sector 13!

No matter how much criticism such superstitions face but the Indian people do not stop believing in these ridiculous and baseless superstitions. Some people totally lead their lives based on these superstitions. India might be a fast pace of developing, but the mindset of a majority is yet to develop.




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