Piracy: The Black Truth!

Piracy is originally defined as the act of robbery or criminal violence at the sea! ( even I was shocked?!?!) Nowadays these PIRATES are out of the sea, they’ve entered the glamorous world of cinema! Yes, it’s the sad truth of the film industry. The whole team of any movie that is right from the director to the producer, film stars to the spot boys work under the scorching sun to windy noons and literally spend sleepless nights to finish up a 3 hour movie packed with entertainment! Piracy is that Black Hole, which if not controlled, will submerge the shine of this scintillating industry into it!

Pirated movies are packaged in unauthenticated DVDs and are available in a local shops at a much lower cost. Moreover, it has oftentimes been noticed that they are being distributed in the market even before the release of the original movie. Recently, this happened with one of the greatest movies of the decade- MANJHI: THE MOUNTAIN MAN !

Manjhi which is based on the life of Dashrath Manjhi who broke a mountain and carved a road in between, to make it easy for the villagers to travel. This film is a depiction of eternal love and also portrays the relationship of Manjhi and his wife, with Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte playing the leads. The preview copy of this film got leaked online just one week prior to the release! This shook the entire team.

When asked about it

, Radhika Apte described the whole incident as ‘SADDENING’ .

The leak has not only affected the Box office collection but also shaken the confidence and trust of the people!

Before Manjhi, one of the most talked about movies this year, BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN starring Salman Khan which had a huge impact on both the Indian and the Pakistani audience, also got leaked and was available online beforehand!!

All the reasons which I stated above are only secondary, whereas the primary one is about the ethics of the generation! On one side we talk about the cause of piracy and may-hems caused by it. We show concern about it and also show the sense of protest against these crimes on the other hand we are the ones who actually download or exchange the pirated movies, especially the college students! We feel happy that we saved money which we would have spent in theatres and watch out the movie for free ! We feel so proud about it as if we did something so impressive, just like winning the gold medal in any local competition. I do consider the fact right that saving money is good… but saving money which deploys our ethics is not at all correct!

There is only one way to stop this! Just stop watching the pirated movies from now on. And stop exchanging and downloading them as well. If we refuse to accept it, then sadly, we will not be able to bring in any changes to the pathetic scenario that is now existing.

Source: https://www.icytales.com/piracythe-black-truth/



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