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Twitter Trends India shows #Nextbanidea trending with the government banning over 857 porn websites in India, the social media websites witnessed lots of debates and discussions. While the Government has now stated that the ban is temporary, and till the Supreme Court declares its verdict, the ban was unnecessary since the Court did not direct the Centre to take any such steps. After the ban, it seems some people decided to lighten the mood and came up with ideas for the next ban on Twitter.

Hilarity Ensues — #Nextbanindia — Twitter Trends India

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After it was confirmed that the Government did issue notices to Internet Service Providers to initiate bans of pornographic websites, which has already been implemented. The Twitter users of India decided to respond with the trend #NextBanIdea and started giving the authorities some ‘not-so-friendly’ advice on what to ban next. Hilarity ensued and everyone broke into splits.

Some of the funniest responses involved telling the government to ban science, because it teaches us about sexual reproduction and puberty. While someone went ahead and asked the government to ban Yo Yo Honey Singh and Himesh Reshammiya! Someone even suggested banning the government from banning anything.

Here are some tweets that you would love to read:

1. Aaditya Joshi ‏@aadi_joshi #NextBanIndia Cooking food is unnatural, and shud be banned.Ever seen a lion barbecuing a goat, or a goat sprinkling spices on her grass?

2.Marlene Ratus ‏@MarleneRatus, We should probably ban the #Indian#Government from thinking. #NextBanIndia#PornSiteBan

3.Yogesh Jangid ‏@YSJangid, #NextBanIndia Ban those people who Always replies like “Aur btaao…”

4.Rahul Verma ‏@watchdog008 , Next they will ban Western Toilets. Because Western culture. #PornBan #NextBanIndia

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